7 Tower of Fantasy Tips for Beginners, Insanely Useful!!

Did you recently install Tower of Fantasy and still don't know how to play it properly? I've got some tips for you about how to play Tower of Fantasy for beginners that can be very useful. 

RPG games are way different from other games. In this genre, we are required to create our own characters, items, and other stuff. So far, the genre has a lot of loyal fans who have been playing for a long time.

In this type of game, we need to build our characters with the right equipment, so it will help us to complete the stages very easily.

Today, I'm going to share some of my pieces of knowledge about Tower of Fantasy that can be very useful for beginners. Let's jump to the topic!

How to Play Tower of Fantasy for Beginners

Every RPG game has similarities in terms of builds. For example, there are DPS characters, support, tanks, etc., that we can customize.

We need to know the right build for your characters in order to make them powerful enough. Maybe I'll explain it later about every build in this game. For now, let's just discuss about Tower of Fantasy beginner's guide.

1. Complete All Main Story First

In Tower of Fantasy, we have to complete the main story first. The further it goes, the more unlocked features there will be in the game. The story itself varies per region. Once you've completed one region, you'll have to move on to the next. It's kind of like Genshin Impact.

Remember, this is for the main story only. Side stories are not mandatory. Moreover, the further the main story goes, the less the rewards from the side stories will feel.

2. Complete All Daily Quests

Every day we will be given daily quests that must be done. So yeah, don't forget to complete all the daily quests. Through daily quests, we will gain a lot of experience that will help us level up faster. In addition, various rewards can be earned later.

3. Character Leveling

Just like the main story, character levels also greatly affect the game's features. The higher the character level, the more features will be unlocked. That's why you shouldn't forget to keep focusing on leveling your character to the maximum. If you have already finished the main story, map exploration side quests are also highly recommended to gain experience.

4. Find Good Equipment

One of the elements that affect CP the most in Tower of Fantasy is equipment. The higher the equipment, the better the effect on your character. It is recommended to look for good equipment. At least purple (SR) or orange (SSR) equipment. The equipment itself can be found in several modes provided by Tower of Fantasy.

5. Prioritize Character Upgrade

In Tower of Fantasy, we can get a variety of characters. They can be ordinary characters, SR characters, or SSR characters. In this game, we have to upgrade these characters according to your priority. Just focus on upgrading your three most commonly used characters, not all of them.

I'm not saying this without reason; it's because the resources to upgrade this character are quite difficult to obtain.

6. Participate in Every Event

Every few weeks, Tower of Fantasy always provides events that all players can participate in without exception. It is very recommended that you don't miss these events because usually, the rewards that can be obtained are varied.

The event announcement itself can be seen directly in the game, or you can check it out on the official Tower of Fantasy social media page.

7. Keep Grinding

Lastly, if you want to always have progress on your account, you must be diligent in grinding. For example, by finding boxes on the map, defeating existing monsters, etc.

By grinding, we will be able to get rewards that can be used to increase your character's CP. Whether it's equipment materials or something else.

If possible, I suggest you guys complete all the progress maps. You can check the progress through the map menu.

That's all about 7 tips to play Tower of Fantasy for beginners. Those are the tips that can be done for Tower of Fantasy players. Especially for those who are new to this game.

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