How to Compress Files as Small as Possible with ZIP and RAR Formats

Today, I'm going to teach you guys how to compress files as small as possible to save a lot of space in your storage. Archiving files into zip and rar is a very effective way to save files that are rarely used but we still need. When archiving files into zip and rar, there is also a compression process that will make the file size smaller so that it can save storage space on your computer.

On this occasion, we will show you how to compress files with the smallest possible size into zip and rar formats. You can use this tutorial to compress files that you store on your computer that are large but rarely used so that they look neater and can save space.

How to Compress Files as Small as Possible

1. Download the WinRAR application

To compress files, we need the help of an archiver application. Currently, several applications can be used for free. For this tutorial, we will use WinRAR. 

Please download the application here: WinRar

2. Install the downloaded application

After the download process is complete, install the WinRAR application by double-clicking the application file, then follow the steps until it is finished.

3. Go to the location of the file you want to compress

Next, open the file explorer on your computer and then go to the location where the file or folder you want to compress is located.

4. Place all files in a single folder

To make it easier to compress later, all files should be collected in one special folder. For example, I managed to compress a file from 308MB to 189 MB and collected all files with various formats (photos, videos, documents, etc.) inside a folder called "Compress," the full size of that folder is about 309MB.

5. Select Add to archive from the context menu of the Compress folder

After all the files are collected in one folder, then right-click on it and then select "Add to archive" from the context menu that appears.

6. Set the compression setting

After the WinRAR window pops up. follow the setting below:

  • First, in the "Archive name" column, give the name of the compressed file you want.
  • In the Archive format section, select RAR or ZIP
  • In the Compression method section, select Best
  • In the Dictionary size section, select 128MB
  • In the Archiving options section, check the Create solid archive option

After everything is set, click the OK button to start the compression process

7. Wait for the compression process to finish

Next, you just have to wait until the compressing process is complete. It will usually take a few minutes depending on the number and capacity of the files being compressed. When finished, a file in rar format will appear according to the name you gave earlier.

How to Compress Files as Small as Possible Using Your Phone

For those of you who use smartphones, you can also compress files to reduce their size. The method is almost the same as using a PC or laptop. The only thing we need is an archiver application. 

Follow these steps:

  • Download the RAR application from Playstore

  • Wait for the installation
  • After that, open the RAR application that has been installed on your phone
  • Select the files and folders you want to compress
  • Press the Add files to archive button (icon with a + sign) on the top bar of the application
  • In the General tab, name the archive file in the "Archive name" column
  • Tap on the Advanced tab, then select Best compression and 128 MB dictionary
  • Press the OK button to start the compressing process

Wait for the compressing process to finish. After that, the result will appear in the same location as your file, or inside the specified location you already set in the settings.

The compression results you get may vary. Certain file types can get a high compression rate, so large files can be compressed into very small files.

But some files are not possible to compress with high compression so that the file capacity of the result is not too much different from the original file.

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