How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

Have you forgotten your iPad passcode? Or a message pops up telling you that your iPad has been disabled? This is the scariest situation for any iPhone or iPad user.

Some people are usually very eager to secure their smartphone by giving a passcode to lock their smartphone so that it cannot be opened by anyone.

But things like forgetting the password can certainly happen. So what should we do if something like that happen to us?

We have a solution for those of you who experience this kind of things, where you completely forgotten your iPad password.

Because, today we will discuss how to reset iPad to factory settings easily without any hassle.

How to reset an iPad is almost the same as all existing devices. Moreover, the resettings is the easiest way to fix an iPad that have a problem with the performance, or maybe because the incorrect system settings.

Apple provides three easy ways to reset the iPad, from soft reset, forced restart to factory reset.

The first two step will not make the data on the device disappear, but the last step will definitely make the device like a brand new again.

But before resettings your ipad, we suggest you to backup your ipad data first.

How to Backup iPad Data

  • Connect your ipad to your PC or laptop using a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Wait for iTunes to synchronize the device as well as create a backup.
  • Once the synchronization and backup are complete, press restore device.
  • After being on the settings screen during iOS device recovery, select Restore from iTunes backup.
  • Click the device in iTunes. Note the date and size of each backup and select the most relevant one.

After backup process finished, let's reset the iPad.

1. Soft Reset

You can use this methode if your iPad have very slow performance. You'll realize it when playing video games or maybe when opening certain apps.

To do soft reset, you can just press the on / off power button. No data or settings will be changed or lost when you performed soft reset.

  • Press the Power button until the slider icon appears on the screen. Most iPads have a slider on top of the screen, For older version, the slider will appear on the side.
  • Slide it from left to right until the screen turns off. When it's no longer on, press the Power button again to turn the screen back on.

2. Force Restart

This reset process can also be called a hard reset. This can be done if the iPad screen is suddenly unresponsive to touch or suddenly slow.

This step can also be done if soft reset doesn't work.

  • Press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for a long time, until the screen turns off and then the Reboot command appears. When the Apple logo appears, release finger pressure on both buttons.

Reminder, there are some iPad versions that don't have Home button, like the iPad 2020. But, we already know how to solved it.

  • Press and release the Volume Up button quickly
  • Press and release the Volume Down key quickly
  • Then Press and hold the Power button until the device restarts itself.

3. Factory Reset

This reset method can be done on almost all devices. The purpose of factory reset is to restore the device's settings as it was when you purchased it for the first time.

Keep in mind that factory reset will erase all of your data files and settings on the iPad, so it's a good idea to backup the data first.

  • Go to Settings - General - Reset and Tap - Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Tap erase iPad and confirm.
  • When finished, the screen will display the process as it was when the iPad was first purchased.
  • After that, we can restore our data that we've already backup before.

That's a glimpse of our discussion on How to Reset iPad and Restore to Factory Settings. Please follow the methods we provide above to reset your iPad.

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